Invited Talks and Tutorials

Invited Talks

Using high throughput sequencing to understand human transcriptome
  Alvis Brazma 

De novo assemblies for complex crop genomes
Lecturer: Mario Caccamo Sarah Ayling

Accurate prediction of pathogenic variants - preliminaries and requirements
Mauno Vihinen



Prometheus Bound: From Genomics to Stringomics.
Lecturer: Bud Mishra
Abstract: The future of personalized medicine may come as a "Dr. in a Box", consisting of chemistry to carry out a sequencing reaction and hardware to interpret the streams of data in real time to diagnose disease, assess risks, monitor response to therapy, and track changes in health over time.  It will be able to infer disease etiology and therapy responsiveness in the context of patient's population stratification. TotalRecaller (TRC) was designed with these goals in mind. We will explain the challenges that biologists, geneticists and technologists face in order to enable TRC to achieve its full potential.